The United Silver and Golden Fanciers’ Cat Club is a member of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. [CFA]. The USGF Cat Club is dedicated to showcasing and promoting two breeds worldwide, the Silver and Golden Persians and the Silver and Golden Exotic cats.  CFA’s breed standard for both breeds’ coats are chinchilla or shaded in colors of:  1) silver, 2) golden, 3) blue silver, or 4) blue golden


The primary focus of the USGF Cat Club is to produce a “Quarterly” publication featuring subject

matter that concerns:  exhibiting cats, feline husbandry, and feline-related legislative news.  

Please submit information for publication in the Fall issue of the Quarterly by Seprember 2, 2014.  

For more information or if you have an interest in joining the USGF Cat Club, please contact

Sally Daniels at   Sally can answer your questions, and she

will be happy to send you information about the USGF Cat Club.


The USGF Cat Club is an I.R.C.  sec. 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization.

Donations are NOT tax deductible. 

Recent USGF Club’s Publication Covers

Please note:  The recent cover collection dedicates the center left space to the front cover of our 2012-2013 “Winners’ Edition,” and  the center right space is dedicated to the back cover for that same issue to honor CFA’s 2012-2013 Show Season top scoring Silver/Golden Persians in championship, premiership, and kitten classes.  Exotic cats are also considered for these awards. 


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© 1996-2020 United Silver Fanciers. All Rights Reserved.

© 1996-2020 United Silver Fanciers. All Rights Reserved.

The United Silver and Golden Fanciers’ Club’s 2014 Summer Cover features this most beautiful, Shaded Silver Persian male, GC, BW, NW, Brumar Just A Gigolo`.  He is:  a Grand Champion, BEST OF WINNERS of  CFA’s  Silver/Golden Persian Division Globally,  a Regional Winner in the International Division Region 9-Europe. This beautiful boy is the highest scoring Silver/Golden Persian cat globally in CFA’s 2013-2014 Show Season. 

Among awards in CFA’s 2013-2014 Show Season are:   13th BEST CAT Globally, BEST of BREED in International Region 9-Europe, BEST of COLOR CLASS in International Region 9-Europe, BEST of BREED Globally, BEST of COLOR CLASS Globally, BEST CAT  International Region 9-Europe, 12th BEST KITTEN in International Region 9-Europe.   




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An International CFA Cat Club dedicated to Silver and Golden Persians and Exotic Cats worldwide.

(Ongoing since 1972)